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So after 2 years plus of designing, I have finally decided what my style is. I have called it a few different things but have finally settled on 'Classic Eclectic'. Just like in my photography, I love every style and could never quite get a consistent editing style down. The same with interior design, I just love them all! Farmhouse, bohemian, rustic, industrial, you name it, I think it has a place in design and I want to incorporate them all and Classic Eclectic lets me do just that and still create one beautiful, harmonious home.

What is Classic Eclectic?

Julie from Paradigm Interiors helps define classic eclectic as "an interior design style is a blend of several different interior design styles, but the foundation of the style is very classic. Classic Eclectic will be the most diverse style. You will usually find contemporary elements mixed with mid-century, industrial, traditional, and neo-classical." While it is a diverse style that blends multiple styles, it does not go over board with one style. There is not too much from one time period and it is evenly mixed to give you an eclectic feel. Classic Eclectic is for people who aren't afraid to add color or fun elements to make a unique home. While most of the furniture can be traditional; rugs, art, and accessories are where you can make bolder choices. Rugs are often distressed oriental rugs and accessories pieces are ones you won't see in most homes.

And although, I think color has a it's place in this style it is not what defines it. To me, it is more about mixing different elements and styles to create a unique but timeless look. It also gives a sense of playfulness but intrigue. Although Julie states that one of the biggest defining characteristics might be that "Classic Eclectic spaces will be more casual than formal. However, you will often find high-end finishes and custom details incorporated in the design, such as drapery and other custom window treatments. These classic custom design details are elements that help root Classic Eclectic style in tradition."

No matter what the vibe is, the over all feel should be cozy and welcoming with a look that is unique but pulled together. This is achieved by using a variety of textures and materials and making sure they are repeated 2-3 times and spaced appropriately throughout the room.

Here I have taken the Hamilton sofa from West Elm (one of their most popular) and used it to create 3 different 'Classic Eclectic' styles. Each style is completely different but all of them blend different styles and materials to create a balanced modern vibe.

OPTION #1 Fun & Cool

This option is most me and the most like a true Classic Eclectic style but I'm obsessed with all of them. I am one who started with an all white house but slowly I keep adding more color and patterns. I love the idea of being a minimalist but fun decor are things that absolutely bring me joy. I am also an art fanatic and love a good gallery wall or large print. And when I think of 'Classic Eclectic' one designer I feel nails this is Jenny Komenda, owner of Juniper Print Shop. My home is filled with her prints and I thought it would be fitting to make sure to add a print from Juniper Print Shop to every option. Her prints are the best for budget-friendly large art.

OPTION #2 Earthy-Vintage

I half had my eye on these sage green chairs from Rejuvenation forever and if I had more rooms to decorate these would be at the top of my list. This Classic Eclectic style is more neutral than the former but still has a great mix of different styles including, mid-century, rustic, traditional, and vintage. And I just love how all these elements come together to create a nice earthy vibe.

OPTION #3 Simple & Charming

I never thought I would select brown shade of fabric and love it so much but it works so well on these mid-century chairs and with all the warm tones throughout the room.

This style is close to what a lot of people call 'Modern Traditional'. Modern Traditional does exactly what it sounds like, it takes traditional pieces and adds a modern twist. However, modern traditional focuses more on minimalism, clean lines, and white on white elements.

While this Classic Eclectic style uses traditional pieces they are kept in their original form and not made modern. The traditional pieces are also paired with vintage styled pieces. The simple and charming living room also adds some soft green color and unique mid century pieces. However, both the Classic Eclectic and Modern Traditional look as though they came together through time, rather than being planned.

Want to see more examples of Classic Eclectic? Check out my Pinterest Page.



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