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STYLING 101: What Color Do I Paint My Exterior?

With this exterior cabin paint consult, the 2 easiest options are as followed:

1. Leave the stone in its current state and paint the top an orange beige. This is because if you have stone on your home you NEED to match the undertones for it to look cohesive. Sometimes it's not easy to figure out the undertones of stone but you can clearly see with this cabin it reads orange.

2. Paint the stone to match the rest of the home. Most people don't want to paint the stone but it is most often what will make a home look it's best and this was the option the client was requesting. They didn't want to paint the upper portion of the home but were unsure of the color selection for the stone. And the answer is, the stone needs to be the same paint as the upper cream paint or a whitewash in the same undertone for it to look correct.

If you are interested in painting your stone you can use Romabio Masonry Flat Paint.

It is a mineral based, breathable stone paint and can be tinted to any Sherwin Williams color.

If you are wanting to add stone to a new build you will want to choose a green gray limestone for a classic look. This stone is often called Texas/Austin limestone.

It is pale and creamy, fresh and timeless.

Then pair it with a green gray paint such as SW-Accessible Beige.

From this point, some other suggestions to make the home look more cohesive was, I suggest painting the front door similar to the roof fascia. Pictured in the after photo is SW-Urbane Bronze. The skinny post also needed to be wider and metal house numbers added for a more polished look. We chose the brushed aluminum so they would pop against the dark post. I also suggested adding more exterior lights as there is currently only one underneath the deck. Most homes need landscaping to look make everything come together but since the front of the home is parking, I added planters and some decor to show a finished look. For this project I chose everything from Rejuvenation, which is one of my favorite stores to source exterior decor and furniture.

If you need help with determining an exterior paint color and/or selecting patio furniture, check out my 'Design Services'.



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