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SHOP THE LOOK: Outdoor Decor-Walmart Edition

March is almost over and the temperatures are finally rising and I'm so ready for some patio nights! We don't have many options for outdoor decor here in our town and whenever I order from Target, I have to drive an hour to return it so I thought I would do a Walmart Edition and was pleasantly surprised by the cute options, especially now that they collaborated with Gap. You can find more outdoor furniture I love HERE.

turquoise planters. /. B&W striped pillow. /. colorful pillow. /. white stool. /. yellow chairs. /. black side table. /. rug. /. mint green table. /. pink planter. /. snail planter. /. red side table. /. black sofa. /. umbrella. /. yellow planter. /. tiki torches. /. yellow striped pillow. /. hello pillow. /. colorful striped pillow

string lights. /. umbrella. /. elephant stool. /. sofa. /. tan pillow. /. striped pillow.

/. navy stool. /. rug. /. black table. /. pineapple candle. /. navy chairs set /. black side table. /. pouf. /. navy chair left. /. black planters. /. glass top side table. /. blue planter.

/. navy chair right

If you need help with determining a floor plan for your outdoor space or help selecting furniture pieces, check out my 'Design Services'.


Which is your favorite? Fun and Eclectic or Navy and Neutral? Comment below.


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