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Amazon: Classic Modern Living Room

While I lean a little more eclectic in my personal style, the 'Classic Modern' look is a very close second. When I think of classic modern the first designer that comes to mind is Shea from Studio McGee. She is a master of mixing elements to create a this style. An overall bright and airy feel with some black and/or gold accents are key pieces to achieving this style.

Let's take a look at this living room from Shea. The overall aesthetic is is bright and airy but you can easily pick out the black accents in the lighting as well as the cabinets that flank the fireplace. There are also accents of gold in the wall sconces as well as some decorative items. There is warmth brought in with the wood tones and the velvet sofa. However, this room doesn't come cheap. One of the accent chairs will run you over $1500. Good thing Shea has partnered with Target and has a collection where you can find a similar style but budget-friendly.

These give the overall style of the picture above for the fraction on the cost.

One chair is $300 and in stock, well at least as I write this!!!

My biggest issue with the Studio McGee Threshold collection, or any Target item is, they NEVER stay in stock. You have to order it as soon as you see it's available or you risk it not being in stock for weeks and sometimes they just never restock the item. So, below I used Amazon to create a Classic Modern living room. Amazon tends to keep their items in stock longer and will often have notification of when the item is to return in stock. The chairs from Amazon come in a variety of fabrics and are only $150, and the rug pictured is washable, how cool is that! However, the largest size is 5x8 so it will most likely need to be layered with a natural rug to fill the space of a living room. You can find more info on layering rugs here.




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