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SHOP THE LOOK: Amazon, Vintage-Modern Living Room

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Who doesn't love Amazon!?

But when people think of Amazon they often don't think of furniture and home decor but it is filled with lots of amazing options. There are so many great companies that use Amazon to sell their items, like the furniture brand Poly and Bark, and Loloi rugs. But Amazon also has their own line of furniture as some of the pieces below are from their mid-century line, Rivet, which has great reviews. But with all the options searching for items can be a daunting task so I am making it easy for you with my blog series, "Alli's Favorite" where I will create 'Shop The Look' boards or just my 'Favorite Finds"!

With this series, I am going to take different styles and create rooms using only Amazon products and then you can click the link and purchase them for yourselves. How awesome is that!?

I love the vintage-modern style but it can have lots of variations. This one definitely leans more toward a mid-century feel with some boho vibes, which I love. I am a big fan of the mid-century clean lines and love the pillows and blanket with tassels that add the boho detailing.

The only items that I had difficulty finding ones I loved on Amazon was the art. I'm a huge art fan so I had a tough time finding art similar to what I would have normally suggested.

The art pictured is from one of my favorite budget-friendly online art shops, JuniperPrintShop. You can purchase digital downloads or you can order prints that are compatible with the Bjorksta frame from IKEA. The largest size being 55x79!

You can shop more of my favorite art HERE.

I have all three of these prints. Well, 2 and one is on it's way and I love them!!! I trimmed the 'Flight' print to fit a square frame and it's perfect! And the 'Nautical' print is perfect in our bathroom.




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