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SHOP THE LOOK: Classic Eclectic Boy's Bedroom

This is why I love doing what I do, just look at this before and after! All of this was done in Photoshop to show what the room could look like with the rearranging of the bed and dresser, plus swapping out the roller shades for woven ones and curtains. This room doesn't have a closet so adding 3 drawer side tables and a shoe cabinet to the wall was to add much needed storage.

The bed was from the home of Mandy Reeves White, photographed by Lincoln Barbour. I just love the combo of green, blue, yellow, and red! These colors are my favorite to use. Gray may be out (when you have too much of it), but gray walls are still a great choice because it allows colors to pop and color is ALWAYS classic!

You can find more bedroom furniture I love HERE.

If you need help with determining a floor plan for your bedroom space or help selecting furniture pieces, check out my 'Design Services'.



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