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Family Room Re-Do

This space was so fun to do and I love how the options turned out! With this family room, the client was just wanting to update with a fresh new design. The goal was to add more seating and storage, as well as keeping the piano and guitars for a music area.


Before photo of family room


Layout options for family room

Option #1 uses their current L-shaped sofa from their living room, that they were hoping to use with an accent chair in the corner. Then added a sofa table/ bar with 3 barstools. The guitars are close to the chair for easy assess and playing area. This option is shown with a 6x9 rug.

Option #2 utilizes an 8x10 rug for a more spacious seating area, but does not use the client's L-shaped sofa and instead would require a new sofa, 2 side chairs, and an accent chair in the corner. The musical station is all at the bottom of the stairs with the storage area moving to the previous location of the piano.


The client chose Option #1, so with this layout they wanted 2 styles to choose from. The first one is 'Warm and Moody'. This one is shown with the walls painted SW-Cyberspace. Most of the furniture is warm wood tones that compliment the dark blue walls, which gives a warm and cozy vibe.

Before and After of family room

The second style is a 'Bright and Fun' vibe. This option is shown with the walls painted SW-Rock Candy. This light gray paint is a great option as all the color in the room really pop against the gray. And as I've said before, overuse of gray is out but a few gray pieces goes really well with color and color is always classic!

Before and After of family room


Warm and Moody Family room, Shop the Look

Bright and Fun Family Room, Shop the Look

I can't decide what style I love more in this space so it's a win-win whatever the client choose! Which one is your favorite? Comment below.

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