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Eleni's Galaxy Themed Bedroom

Eleni's original bedroom theme was "You Are My Sunshine". I thought it was a fun theme for a toddler and one she could possibly grow with. I also loved, that with this theme it was easy to have a variety of decor and colors. But as she got older she kept requesting a change so I finally gave in. She wanted black for awhile but then settled on a dark purple, phew! We only did half the room in the dark paint. Mostly because I didn't want to paint her entire room and I still wanted most the previous decor to work so keeping some of the light pink was key to letting her have some dark and me still having it work well with the rest of the space.

This is how Eleni's room looked when we first moved in. I bought 2 twin beds that raise as you get older specifically for her room. I wish they were still in there, as I much prefer them to the bunk/loft bed. But I try to let them have a lot of say in how their rooms are decorated. So bunk beds it is and for now the twin beds are in Alex's room.



Eleni was obsessed with the angled paint and the days following it being painted, she repeatedly stated, "the line is sooo straight!" And there is a simple trick to getting a super straight line that has no bleeds. Even with the best of painters tape you need to do this; and that is to paint the tape the original color of the wall. That way it fills any gaps and then once it dries you can paint the new color.

If you don't have the original wall color, apparently

you can use clear caulk but I have never used that method.

I almost did the same angled paint on this wall but the angle it hit all the artwork did not work well with the current wall set up and I DID NOT want to redo the wall layout. So I opted to just paint a portion of the wall but leave it with a vertical edge. And I actually prefer the different styles on each side wall, so it was a win win!

To explain the random outlet above the door, we "tried" to used Google Nest Cameras as monitors and with the outlets above the doors we could plug them in right there. We could also view and talk through the camera with our phones. I thought this was AWESOME! However, my daughter did not. She would FREAK OUT and cry every time we tried to talk through it. So we stopped, but the damage was done and the anxiety of having those cameras in her room was too much so we had to remove them.

These star hooks, I bought from Hobby Lobby and painted them the wall color. Spray painted the hooks gold and then Mod Podged gold glitter stars I had cut out.

This Is My Happy Place....

Before the bedroom refresh, Eleni had these as bunk beds with a mattress on the bottom but this go around she wanted to utilize it more as a loft and have a reading nook (or mostly an Ipad playing area)!

This is the picture that represents the galaxy theme the best.

She was wanting to DIY something similar to this....

But I thought it would be easier to buy a galaxy projector to create fun lighting until she bugs me enough to complete this project.

I didn't want to put much money at all into the room so we did A LOT of DIYs and they took way longer to complete than I anticipated. I bought a stencil to create a garland and some glitter pieces to add to the wall. The tracing and cutting took forever! I also painted a sun on the ceiling around her light fixture, which wasn't easy and I still want to add a little more detail to it, but not sure when that will happen. Thankfully, Eleni only changed 1 art print and that was one she drew herself. We added another new piece above her bed that she also created but I made a 'Shop the Look' for a modern girl's galaxy room and some (if not all) of these pieces may eventually make there way into her room!



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22. Juni 2023
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What color is the purple paint? My daughter loves it!

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