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What Style Do You Decorate?

The spaces I design are uncluttered, thoughtful, and functional. My goal is to create spaces that are curated and above all, livable.

My aesthetic is fresh and minimal. I love to take all styles and make them modern. Vintage-Modern, Modern Farmhouse, you name it. I also love Scandinavian design since it uses clean lines but adds natural fibers plus woven and soft textures for a warm, cozier feel. It is a great style that keep things functional but uncluttered.

My all time favorite style is California Eclectic. California Eclectic is bright and airy with lots of white but touches color (usually blues or greens).

It incorporates 9 different elements to create a timeless but eclectic look.


1. Leather

2. Large scale photos

3. Bohemian textiles

4. Layers

5. Mid-century lines

6. Mixed patterns

7. A little industrial

8. Organic material

9. Indoor plants

Check out my Pinterest boards to see a mix of my favorite room styles.

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