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We all know that when shopping for a new home people typically start their search online. Whether it be on a real estate app, Facebook or Instagram you want an image that catches potential buyer's eye and gets more visibility to your listing!


Using fresh design renders in your Social Media marketing, capture the attention and inspire potential buyers that aren't afraid of some simple DIY projects to update their new home. 


What is the first thing new home owners want to do? DECORATE IT!

Not everyone can afford to hire an interior designer, as an agent you can set yourself apart and partner with me to offer a unique service that benefits everyone!


This service allows potential home buyers to visualize simple renovations before moving in (like painting, replacing windows, new lighting and decorating-nothing structural). The seller doesn't have to renovate ANYTHING! I recreate the room entirely in 3D and take a variety of snapshots of the room as if you were in it! 













  • 3 to 4 photorealistic images of each space. (Smaller spaces may not yield as many pictures).

  • Use these images in MLS (if allowed in your state) or use them on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc). 

  • The buyer has an option to buy the pieces in the renders for their new home so they can achieve the look they fell in love with.

  • A well thought out design for the space. Every room is carefully designed as I would for any other client with the function of the space considered. 

  • Quick turnaround time (2-3 days from time of purchase) This is guaranteed for 1 room only. Multiple rooms may take longer.


-Once you sell the home, the new homeowner can buy the pieces that sold them on the home! The client will receive a custom link to all the items with paint colors, furnishings and tips for the space will also be provided. 


-I create a vision to show potential buyers what possibilities the home has and how easily they can get it.


-You will receive exceptional, customized and fast service.


-All designs are custom curated by me!


-You are supporting a local small business.


-I strive to make clients happy with every design because I know it is a reflection of your business, want to make adjustments to the design- let me know!



1. After receiving your payment, email me a link to your listing or photos that will be posted.  For the best representation please send measurements but it’s not necessary.


2. I will then take the photos and create beautifully decorated renders and send them back to you within three days.


3. If posting to MLS it must state “Virtually Staged” on the photo and be placed right before or after the unaltered photo. Please note if you would like me to add this to your photos.


4. Once the house has sold, you can give my email to the buyers and I will send them information with all the items that are in the render and where they can purchase them, if they so choose.

*The buyer will need to confirm the measurements of the space to ensure the furniture is the correct size for their new home!


2-3 days per room


$59 – entry way, eat-in kitchen areas

$89 – living room, bedroom, office, ½ bath

$129 – kitchen, master bath

(+ tax)

*Open concepts are considered multiple rooms.
*Some restrictions apply to photorealistic renders. The furnishings on the renders may vary slightly in style and color from those
that will be purchased but they will be similar in style and the same size. Exact furnishings will be used if possible.

*Areas with custom features may be reviewed to ensure the render quality is feasible. 

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