• If you have purchased a 'Furniture Layout' you will get selections for all the furniture options suggested.

  • If you have not purchased a 'Furniture Layout' you will get all the furniture selections you request to complete your room.

  • Personalized Selections

  • Product Board (Initial and Final) where you can see all the suggested items together.

  • Ability to 'Approve' and/or 'Decline' the items (up to 3 declines per item).

  • Shopping List and set up instructions.



  • Furniture Layout

  • Paint Selections

  • Decor Selections

  • Wall Art Selections

  • Photorealistic Renders


1. Complete the Design Questionnaire and select the options you want to purchase.

2. Upon submission of the questionnaire a ‘Welcome Packet’ will be sent to you via email. 

    This packet includes the invoice, contract, and measurement guide. After completion (and

    submission) of the ‘Welcome Packet’ the fun part begins.

3. If a 'Furniture Layout' has not been purchased in addition to this package, the client must

    know the appropriate size of furniture that needs to be selected.

4. After approval of one of the 'Furniture Layout' (or submission of requested furniture) and a

    budget has been determined you will get an initial ‘Product Board’ with all the furniture

    items I think fit together best. At this time you will also receive a link to a program where

    we will be able to easily collaborate on your project. From this point you may 'approve'

    or 'decline' the furniture pieces that have been selected. If there are no options that you 

    like please feel free to write a comment about what isn’t just right and better will be

    provided for you.


5. After approval of all the products you will receive your 'Design Package’. The 'Design

    Package' includes a final product board and a shopping list with set up instructions. 

    However, if you are local and prefer Alli.M.Design order all the items and have them

    shipped to you, that is an option.


6. All items that have been approved will be sent to you in an easy to read shopping list

    (or invoice for Alli.M.Design to order). Most of the items I use to furnish are from

    large reputable brands such as West Elm, Crate and Barrel, and Wayfair. However, for

    some items like pillows, prints, and unique decorative pieces, I prefer to use small

    businesses or Etsy.


7. I will give you guidelines to follow but if you have any questions during the installation

    phase, please feel free to reach out! 




2-3 weeks.





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